Fergus Black

music teacher and performer

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Piano Exams are coming up in June and July
There are several pages in “Tips and Tricks” to help:
Practice Rotas
Grade 1 ABRSM Scale Sheet
Help with Grade 5 and Grade 7 scales
Grade 8 sevenths arpeggios
and indeed:
Why practise scales?

Fergus' teaching practice is based on four elements -

  • learning pieces
  • technical exercises
  • sight reading / singing
  • aural training.

His favourite quote is:

"I consider that one of the main tasks of a teacher is to ensure as quickly and as thoroughly as possible that he is no longer necessary to the pupil; to eliminate himself, to leave the stage in time; in other words to inculcate in the pupil that independent thinking, that method of work, that knowledge of self and ability to reach his goal which we term maturity, the threshold beyond which begins mastery"

The Art of Piano Playing
by Heinrich Neuhaus